Computer & Internet Access

There are 12 computers available for the public to use, 4 on the main floor and 8 in the basement.  You do not need to have a library card to use a computer, but you must sign in at the front desk first.  Computers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Computer use is limited to 30 minutes at a time when other patrons are waiting to use the computers.  The only exception is for patrons working on a project, test, school assignment, etc., and who have prior approval of the library staff.

All computers can access the Internet and most have Microsoft Office software.  All computers are connected to a printer. Prints are $0.15/page for black and white and $0.25/page for color.  Prints are available at the front desk.

All files saved on library computers are permanently deleted at the end of each day.  If you wish to save files, bring your own portable storage device. All library computers support portable USB storage devices that do not require installing software or drivers.  You can also temporarily save a file to a library computer and email the document to yourself as an attachment.

Wi-fi is available for free throughout the library.  The name of the network is "RitzLib-Wifi" and there is no password required to log on.

Wireless printing is also available for laptop, tablet, and smartphone users.  Connect to HP-Print-1c-LaserJet 400.  Prints are $0.15/page for black and white and $0.25/page for color.  Prints are available at the front desk.

The Library can't guarantee privacy for individuals using library public access computers to search the Internet. Be aware that computer screens can be seen by others.  Internet users are requested to exercise appropriate discretion in viewing materials.

See our Computer & Internet Policy for more information.

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