Disc Repair Policy

Disc Repair Policy

1.   Patrons and visitors may bring their CDs, DVDs, and Game CDs to Ritzville Library District #2 for deep scratch repair. Each disc must be submitted in a plastic sleeve or case. 

2.   Library staff will attempt to repair discs for a fee of $2.00 using a JFJ Disc Repair machine.  Payment is due when disc is dropped off.

3.   Patrons must complete an owner information slip for the disc they submit for repair.

4.   The Library will clean discs at least once a week on Wednesdays (barring holidays/weather).  Discs may be dropped off for cleaning anytime during the week, with the understanding they will be ready for pickup beginning Thursday morning.  Discs will not be cleaned on a “while you wait” basis unless the machine is already in operation. 

5.   If the damage is not repaired on the first attempt, library staff will try again using stronger methods at no extra charge. The re-do request must be received within two weeks of the first repair. If the second repair fails, the patron may request a third attempt for a charge of $1.00 but there can be no guarantee of success. Library staff may determine that a disc is damaged beyond repair upon physical examination of the disc or after the highest-level repair attempt fails twice.  If the repair fails, the patron will not receive a refund.

6.   Patrons are responsible for picking up their disc in a timely manner. If the disc is left at the library for more than two weeks, library staff will make one phone call as a reminder. If the disc is left at the library for more than four months, it will be considered a donation and it may be added to the library collection, sold, or disposed of in some other manner.

7.   Ritzville Library District #2 cannot be held liable for permanent damage to discs that are already damaged.

8.   Library staff reserve the right to refuse repair service on any CD or DVD that they determine to be detrimental to the JFJ machinery, in violation of state and federal laws, or is contrary to basic library philosophies and policies.


Adopted: 5/16/12

Made possible with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Washington State Library, Office of the Secretary of State.