Gifts & Donations Policy

Gifts & Donations Policy

Books and other materials will be accepted on the condition that the Library Director has the authority to make whatever disposition he or she deems advisable.  Ritzville Library District #2 welcomes gifts of books, records, magazines, and other material. The library applies the same selection criteria to donated items as it does to purchased materials.  Materials that do not meet these criteria will be offered to the community and/or the Ritzville Friends of the Library, unless the donor has asked for their return.

Donations to the library are tax deductible.  However, the library staff is not able to assess the value of donations.  A Donation Agreement Form and Receipt can be provided upon request.

The Library Foundation was established to receive funds and/or other valuable property donated or bequeathed to assist in creating a permanent source of funds for the Ritzville Library District #2.  This fund will not include tax monies.  Any interest received from investment of fund monies shall remain in the fund until the accumulated principal has reached the sum of $500,000, after which annual earned interest may be expended as directed by majority vote of the Library Board.  Principal in excess of $500,000 may also be expended by a vote of the majority of the Library Board plus one additional vote of the Board.

Adopted: 9/16/10

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